Download Profit Table – Amibroker For Amibroker (AFL)

afl, Virtual Trade in Amibroker. All Logos and Trademark Belongs To Their Respective Owners, Data and information is provided for informational and Educationol purposes only,and not for trading purposes # # All analysis in AmiBroker including charting, Analysis window or commentaries is based on underlying AFL code, which is being executed by the program to produce the required output. Therefore – any changes we see in the charts or analysis results (for example – chart updated with new ticks) mean that the program has received some input, then based on this information has recalculated the ... In Optimization and Walk Forward testing AmiBroker allows us to choose the optimization target that determines optimum values of optimized parameters. This can be done in Analysis->Settings->Walk Forward tab and the drop down list contains a list of built-in statistics to choose from: However, we are not limited to built-in metrics only. Custom Backtester Interface allows us to add any custom ... Backtesting engine in AmiBroker allows to add custom metrics to the report, both in the summary report and in the trade list. This is possible with Custom Backtester Interface, which allows to modify the execution of portfolio-level phase of the test and (among many other features) adjust report generation. => Because the Plot()/PlotOHLC() were using in the huge looping, this will cause the amibroker raise the exception of more than 500 calls. Therefore not suggest to use in hourly timeframe set. 3) The program seen to me there are bugs which not able to figure yet regardless of timeframe set. It keep plotting the Vah & Val, Vah1 & val1, and ... Profit Table – Amibroker Here is an another interesting afl code which plots the Profit table for any sort of Instruments in Amibroker. Month-on-Month , Year-on-Year, Average monthly returns in terms of percentage can be plotted using this afl code. QuickAFL(tm) is a feature that allows faster AFL calculation under certain conditions. Initially (since 2003) it was available for indicators only, as of version 5.14+ it is available in Automatic Analysis too.

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